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TOPIC: anyone have pets?
[spapad] Saturday, March 21, 2009 7:20:53 PM 
Toms are always best! They stake their claim to things. Back in college my roomie and I had a Tom appear on the window, and mind you we lived on the second floor, so we had to let him in we were afraid he would fall. He moved in, and took over. I was allergic to him but still he was so sweet I just lived with the sniffs and occasional breathing trouble.  He went to the bathroom and meowed, (requesting a litter box).  I put up a found cat sign and eventually someone replied to it. Broke our hearts to give him back, but the place he was staying was right next door to us and he had left because he didn't like it there. When we returned him, he was back in a matter of hours. Turns out he was being catsitted by this person and he did not like her house, so I rang her and told her he would be staying with us till her friend came back for him, since he hated it there so bad. We kept him for 4 months when the rightful owner reclaimed him. As far as I am concerned she did'nt deserve him! But he seemed happy enough to see her, so I let him go.
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