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TOPIC: What would you like on the new live album?
[Scott Gavin] Wednesday, March 18, 2009 2:29:14 AM 
Yeah New Zealand has a primeminister, but Priest for Prime minister doesn't have the same ring to it. Notice they've anounced Us dates, I guess Nostrodamus bites the dust. Shame. Still as long as they're touring,I might see them again yet. Whitesnake is an ideal support for them, expect Us tour to do great business. What happened to 'Alone'. the video, the competition, the single, etc, Still waiting, thats why I take all they say with a grain of salt [ in the nicest possible way!]. Saw Iron Maiden here in Auckland three weeks ago, bit of a dissapointment, although crowd was five times the size of their last show here in 93. Too much Dianno stuff [ as much as I like it], it was quiet enough to talk during songs, and Janick Gers is a total retard - he spent the whole show pretending to play the guitar, hes a great player when needed, but he should've sat this tour out.
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