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TOPIC: The official heavy metal vest thread
[aceroperuano] Tuesday, March 17, 2009 1:27:39 AM 
Totally man, problably I'm gonna buy some next week, I'm trying to put on the shouders, the line  that separated the  Motörhead patch from all the upper patchs, I gonna fill it it with studs also, what I'm still searching is half spheric studs, you know the ones  that Bruce Dicikinson use in his bracelets in thew run to the hills video.

By the way, talking about Bruce I'm seeing freaking Iron Maiden this March 26!!!!! first line none the less man!!! damn, it run out of first line tickets in 4 days man!!! in fact it went run out of first line tickets in the same same day the selling started( a saturday), but the  greedy bastard of the head of the organization fo the event expanded the  number of tickets(on sunday), that's when i bought mi ticket, but it was not enough money for him  so he expanded the number of tickets untill tuesday!!.
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