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TOPIC: What would you like on the new live album?
[Scott Gavin] Friday, March 13, 2009 1:12:43 AM 
I wrote a huge message for this post last night, but at the end it said I hadn't logged on [ which I had!] so to log on I lost the message! Can't be bothered repeating the whole thing again, so heres the abridged version. I would be stunned if there was a live album. There won't be one featuring Exciter - cos if it did, it would have to be a hideous amalgam of the last two tours which are four/five years apart. Arguably Rob's voice is much better these days, comparing say Rising In the East, to seeing him live last year - and on youtube. If a live album does come out, I would say its a stop-gap measure and kiss goodbye to any Nostrodamus shows. The setup costs of a limited run show like that would be enormous. I would prefer to see a two night stand at the Royal Albert Hall, with guests like Don Airey, Tim Owens, Dio and Bruce Dickinson , resulting in a live dvd /2cd combo. I would cross the known universe for that gig.
As to Revolution [ What is this?] Its just about my favourite Priest song is what it is. It is the only song I have ever downloaded [ ever! legally or oherwise ] I adore the bass at the beginning, and its still gives me a chill remembering the first time I ever heard it as it was the first thing released with Rob back on board. It is a little from leftfield I'll grant you that.

Whatever, thats my two cents worth . Priest for president!
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