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TOPIC: Priest gear
[spapad] Saturday, March 07, 2009 6:44:42 PM 
Ah, I'm mild compared to Devil's Child, she's our little slice of sin! She's so funny and outrageous! Your gonna love her! As well as Adrianiac, who is brilliant and humorous and very intellegent! Then there is Vaillent 3.0,  who is kind and always knows the right thing to say! Lots of us around to make you feel great!
The list is endless! MetalGoddess, Bev, Paperflowers, Healer, Jeanine, WiskeyWoman, KKG, Momo, Mara, and about a blue million more I can not think of off the top of my head! you will love it here!
And the guys are every bit as impressive! Shall I name a few? only if you want me to, there are too many to count just like the ladies! Enjoy Matchova! and welcome to the family!
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