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TOPIC: Upcoming Nostradamus tour
[Screamin' Demon] Wednesday, March 04, 2009 7:47:46 PM 
So many thoughts have circled into my head about the Nostradamus tour such as "What will it look like, how long will it last?". Personally, considering that fans only got to hear 2 songs from the new album so far on the tour, I think it would be fair if they did a proper mini tour (Europe, North America, Japan, South America) without extra second legs, but on smaller, more special theatre-friendly venues. Obviously not as many fans will want to see them do that as they are now, but some special more intimate smaller venues would serve very well for the tour, let's say a venue with a capacity for about 1000-2000 people. As far as what it will look like, as I read the booklet for the album, I couldn't help but to pay close attention to the pictures behind the lyrics, would be great if they incorporate those exact images for background wallpapers, the one about the Four Horsemen is the greatest. Rob has said he can't wait to get into the costumes and make-up for the tour so that is sounding more than promising. When they play the Four Horsemen section (War, Pestilence And Plague, Death, Conquest) I would love to see Rob changing costumes in each song, accordingly to the character, maybe this time get the Death outfit and the sycle. As for the music, I'd like it a lot if they incorporate guitars a lot more prominently than on the album, for this would after all be a live concert so it would help to metal it up a bit more. Still, one wouldn't doubt that a keyboard player would be more than necessary, Don Airey perhaps? Only thought that troubles me will they finish the set? I'd hate to see the set close with Future Of Mankind. I'd prefer to place it between New Beginnings and Nostradamus. After all, the setlist needs to close energetically and not all soft and fading out. I'm sure 'Priest have already got it laid out what they will do for Nostradamus tour but why not speculate and discuss.
Edited at: Wednesday, March 04, 2009 7:50:16 PM
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