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[Deep Freeze] Tuesday, March 03, 2009 8:08:14 AM 


Well friends, we have some great news. Metallark has found a drummer to complete the last few tracks!! As many of you know, Jim (our drummer) has disappeared and , according to MM, is not responding to any calls. We are just a few tracks away from completing the album. A close friend of Metallark's has agreed to help us out and get this thing done!!!!! I am also talking with a new bassist from over on Acid Planet. This young man has told me it would be an honor to play with the Faithful Defenders. I have heard his work and he is very talented!

Those of you that are musicians and have played in bands will understand that, by and large, musicians are a flighty bunch. I do try to be kind and measure my words, but I have experienced this over the years. Perhaps it is the creative mind? We lost Mick (bassist) right after the release of Raw Steel. He just stopped calling and did not answer messages. I suppose the same thing has happened with Jim. It is a great tribute to our group that there are musicians that have heard of us and want to participate!! We are actually known!! WOW!!

I believe we will finally have this thing completed in a few more weeks. Everything is on stand-by on my end until Metallark and his drummer get me the remaining tracks. The art guy is waiting and ready. I am meeting with the t-shirt place this week. All will continue. Hang in there, gang!!! We are OH so CLOSE!!

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