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TOPIC: They should do a music video for Death
[Vaillant 3.0] Monday, March 02, 2009 1:32:42 AM 
Everytime I listen to this song, I have my own little music video going in my head. At the beginning of the song, I picture the Grim Reaper (or at least Death from the Four Horsemen in the picture book) on the skeletal horse, stealthily appearing as the church bells ring. He would be singing the first few stanzas (since they seem to describe Death itself and its job in the first-person narrative) from the outskirts of a town whose people are suffering from the plague. He sharpens his scythe as he sings and watches the souls of the dying. Rob/Nostradamus would be in that town, warning the arrival of Death, singing "Messenger of Death...wields the scythe of Man's damnation..." and "Death rides out from the storm...". He announces his prophecies to frightened citizens of that town, while the rest of the band, his assistants, play their instruments to back up his words. When the Twin-Axe Attack begin their fast solos, Death spurs his horse and rides into that town, wielding his scythe, lowering the blade and slashing the sickly souls, giving them their eternal rest. At the end, as Rob/Nostradamus repeats the last lyrics, Death reaches the town's boundaries and slows his pace, feeling his job is now done. As the song fades, he vanishes as quietly as he arrived.
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