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TOPIC: Computer Problems
[Deep Freeze] Monday, February 23, 2009 5:44:34 AM 
You know Bev, that is a GREAT point. Admin does always come through. How many years has this site been in existence? Long before I got here, that's for sure. Murray,  like many, has a real job and this is not it. Yet, he has always been responsive (albeit on his time) and effective. With no one here to speak for him and no mods, he has managed to keep the OFFICIAL site of Judas Priest alive and well for years. Remarkable!

I can think of countless times that some idiot has come here with the sole desire to disrupt and harrass and Murray has acted. We should be very grateful to him for the things he does for us...for free. That's a BIG deal. We are members here for FREE. We welcome new fans here, for free. We have created a wonderful group, for free. We spend countless hours, chatting, posting pictures, joking and supporting one another.  For free.
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