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[Deep Freeze] Monday, February 23, 2009 5:29:51 AM 

Ah!! Very good to see you again, ML. I can truly understand how "life" happens. It is so very easy to get lost in these pages and forget that, outside of this place, we all have lives and responsibilities. But life does go on and , sometimes, it goes on with a sadistic fury. It is so very easy to lose that spark we had on those fateful days of November, oh such a short time ago...It is so very easy to let go.

I have been able to hang onto that spark and I think that has made things remarkably difficult for me. I have tried to remind myself that MM, you and Jim are busy. That you do care. That we will get this done. But the passion and fire that we ignited in November has continued to burn inside me. With each day..each week, each month, I have yearned to see it through. I am sure that I have been MORE than a little irritating to MM.

And so we find ourselves here. So close. I do believe I have found a way to get a full CD. The songs previously mentioned will have to wait until Jim or a capable replacement can see to their completion. I have contacted the art dept. and we are all on the same page. The Princess and I set up a sort of makeshift distribution company during the Raw Steel job so we will utilize that to get the CD packaged and shipped.

Everyone that wishes to receive a CD will get one. Additionally, many of you may remember that we had T-Shirts made when we recorded Raw Steel. There was some minor interest in getting those too but I really did not have enough members order one for it to be feasible. With this in mind, I will ask again;

Do any of you want to purchase a T-Shirt this time around? The Princess has blessed my efforts to produce one and I will do so, IF I have enough orders. The artwork from the new album will be on it. I actually have a "Limited Edition" print on my wall that is incredible!!!!! It would make a wonderful shirt and certainly would be a unique collectors item! So I ask you all, do you want one? Maybe two? I have NO idea what they will cost yet. I will have to cover costs and shipping, as you all know. Let's see if this gets any interest.

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