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[METAL MELTDOWN] Sunday, February 22, 2009 7:04:47 AM 
Great, I log on to this friggin website for the 1st time since I dont know how long and what happens...a fucking virus...wheres MURRAY....

I wanted to say that I have everything done that I can get done with this recording.  Due to the absence of a drummer, there are only 7 complete songs.  I will, in the near future, try to locate a drummer to do the remaining songs which are the more difficult songs for the drums. I will be sending this to freeze tomorrow, monday 2/23.   There are also 2 more that Metallark wants to redo the vocals on and I will send those as soon as they are done.  I suggested to Freeze that he add the tunes from the 1st recording to this one...Take care....
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