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TOPIC: The Valentine's day thread Again
[Everleigh] Friday, February 13, 2009 5:39:28 PM 

I agree with someone who once called Valentine's Day an "Obligation Holiday"... just because it's Feb, 14th I don't feel the desire to receive chocolates, a card, flowers that last no more than a week.. It  seems contrived and unecessary. I will share a most romantic gesture from a former boyfriend/lover/ flame.... he was leaving on  business , and right after he left in the a.m. a UPS delivery arrived for me-In the small box were freshly baked (still warm!) apricot raisin scones(My favorite thing) from my favorite bakery, and a note .probably one of the best gifts I have ever received. He made an effort to get this thing arranged, timed it perfectly. He paid attention to something that I liked... It was a most romantic gesture. I think a lot of men could learn  from this... I am in no way negating anyone's choice in how he/she celebrate/don't celebrate VD, but sometimes the smallest, most unexpected gestures mean so much more.... Happy Metal weekend y'all! Mara.

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