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TOPIC: anyone have pets?
[joedraper] Saturday, February 07, 2009 3:11:13 PM 

I'm devestated.

My beautiful kitten Yuda, was hit by a car earlier. He's sleeping at the vet tonight. I found him outside our front lawn at about 12am today. He was meowing frantically at me and I realized something was terribly wrong. I rushed him to the vet and he was in severe shock, had blood in his lung and now the vet suspects a broken back. I  really need this kitten to pull through. We've connected on such a deep level. He' is obsessed with me. Chews my fingers at night, sleeps on top of me and is everywhere I go. How could this have happened? The vet still hasn't taken an xray because he says Yuda is still in shock and it is not safe yet. If his back is indeed broken, the vet is going to suggest euthanasia. I just cannot deal with this. I know that they are most probably giving me the worst case scenario but.. I'm just not capable of dealing with this.

Please use whatever beliefs, and positive energy you may have in bringing my baby home safe to recover and lead a full life. I love this little guy.. I can't loose him.

PS: Derek (the Jack Russel) and Yuda are the best of pals. Derek doesn't understand where his mate is right now.

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