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TOPIC: The Best Song from each Priest Album
[icecreamman] Thursday, February 05, 2009 5:56:10 PM 
Rocka Rolla- Rocka Rolla
Sad Wings of Destiny- Victim Of Changes
Sin After Sin- Let Us Prey / Call For The Priest
Stained Class- Stained Class
Killing Machine- Hell Bent For Leather
Unleashed in the East- Exciter
British Steel- You Don't Have to Be Old To Be Wise
Point of Entry- Solar Angels
Screaming For Vengeance- Electric Eye
Defenders of the Faith- Eat Me Alive
Turbo- Turbo Lover
Priest... Live!- Freewheel Burning
Ram it Down- Hard As Iron
Painkiller- One Shot At Glory
Jugulator- Cathedral Spires
'98 Meltdown- Rapid Fire
Demolition- Metal Messiah
Live in London- Grinder
Angel of Retribution- Hell Rider
Nostradamus- Future of Mankind
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