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TOPIC: The Holy Kingdom Of Strat
[Deep Freeze] Wednesday, January 28, 2009 1:34:50 PM 
Well now, it certainly looks like this whole "god" thing has taken off! HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nice!  Having started a movement that will last for thousands of years, I can now sit back and watch as mankind slowly perverts my message and makes a complete abomination of what was to be a kind, gentle and loving way of life!! It looks like greed and selfishness are here to stay!! HAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!!!!!!

OK, so as pope of the underworld, my first order of business is to establish facilities wherein the "faithful" can "worship" and also bring their hard-earned cash which they will give willingly to my "church" in an attempt to cleanse their collective consciousness and, in doing so, will continue to propagate the idea that I somehow can absolve them of wrongdoing (or in this case, right-doing) and ensure them a place at the hand of our lord, Darth!!! HA!!!!!!!!!!!!! So.. thou shalt bring unto me, thine cash. Placeth it in my  "Plates of forgiveness" and smile whilst thou leave my temple and go on about your business!!! See you in a week!! HAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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