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TOPIC: 1990/1991 in hard rock & heavy metal music
[ron h] Tuesday, January 27, 2009 4:49:42 AM 
Am I the only one that didn't get into the Grunge scene??  Never have and never will like Nirvana!!

I thought GnR's Appetite for Destruction was one of the greatest debut albums of all times, I was so ready for it (I know, not quite 90's yet), but it led me to believe more great music was on it's way...and Skid Row kicked ass and Dangerous Toys was in my disc changer as well (didn't they credit Alice Cooper as an influence??)...

...For the most part I thought the 90's in general was pretty lame for the Metal scene, as I have a great distaste for 'Cookie Monster' Metal, Death Metal and the like...

I did become a fan of Alice In Chains, for me the best part of the 90's (save your mentions of 90-91)...a decade of breakups and death...

For me, the greatest year of all time (music wise) was 1980!!!
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