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TOPIC: + Introductions [New Members post here]
[PrettyTiedUp] Tuesday, January 27, 2009 3:39:56 AM 
I wood be very grateful if sum1 culd answer a Q 4 me. I have a teen daughter n took her to a concert on Sunday I aint gona say who it was cause it wasnt really my scene but culdnt let her go alone.....neway we were rite at the front n I was talking to one of the security guys in front of us n was wearing an AC/DC hoodie.....he joking said I was in the wrong place 4 my kinda concerts and we got talking bout metal etc as he was in2 thm as well. I xplained I had tickets 2 c AC/DC in a few mths but said I was looking 4ward to seeing Judas Priest be4 tht to wich he replied tht he had heard thro the grapevine tht a) Judas Priest were having problems selling tickets and tht sum venues n concerts will be cancelled due 2 ths and b) the reason beng is tht the whole concert is jst the Nostradmus cd only with no ova songs being played. Can sum1 clear ths up 4 me I go to alot of concerts with my hubby and apart frm GnRs n Iron Maiden Judas Priest have always been a favourite of ours but were wondering if ths guy was talking truth or outta his backside......all metal concerts we go 2 have always been full n a good crowd can we xpect ths whn we c Priest in a few wks..wood be grateful on people scomments......
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