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[Deep Freeze] Wednesday, January 21, 2009 8:03:54 AM 
DAMN! DAMN DAMN DAMN!!! I missed it!! Murray got to him before I had the opportunity to be inspired by his remarkable words of wit and wisdom, wherein he destroys my posts with pinpoint logic and his unique sense of the English language, forcing me to take a "hard look" at just what a loser I am and how my life has become a vast wasteland of emptiness, at which point I huddle in the corner, soiling myeslf and rocking slowly back and forth while I sob and softly call out his name!!! DAMN!!!!!!!!  Guido! What did he say???? No. Wait. I know!! He said this;

whtevr MEANSA i would put hog in tool go but throat side canary wiggle! you bite go far do thursday word flat beceaz freind good want cake...wife married had fight eye was tip water frog ! i win stoopid cuz i have dogs and sex smart meat on wondow  20 years she wants me i am tough you are gravy!!!
Well done, Murray! Another cretin sent back where he belongs! And now, as I shuffle slowly from room to rooom, shaken to my very core by the razor-sharp attacks of this boor, I stand at the window, facing to the east, and wave slowly...hoping someday he will find his queen. Or his dictionary.....
Edited at: Wednesday, January 21, 2009 8:06:38 AM
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