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TOPIC: manchester apollo 17/02/09 a blessing
[kinz] Thursday, January 15, 2009 5:25:16 PM 
what a result that Priest are playing manchester apollo 17/02/09, not being a lover of large or open air venues. if any priest fans coming over to watch the greatest heavy metal band ever, just to let you know the manchester apollo holds about 2500 people (total) and there are still tickets left...... the apollo is an intamate, sweaty, feet stick to the carpets venue that generates a fantastic atmosphere... the place actually bounces, and the band knows the venue verey well having played there from the beginning of the 80s right through to the last tour in 2004..... you can even stand at the bar located at the back of the stalls and still see the white of robs eyes............ see you there fellow priest fans....   
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