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TOPIC: Mysterio
[adrianaec_88] Sunday, January 04, 2009 7:44:31 PM 
mmmm.... about how rich they are, I have to be honest I have no idea, the last thing I heard or read related to that was that Glenn was selling a mansion in Spain, in 2006, valued in €4.5m.. but that's not a great clue.. anyway I don't think it's relevant to us knowing how much money they have in their bank accounts lol, but it will interesting to know how much money represents having sold almost 40 million albums worldwide..
About when the reached a relevant place in the music world as a metal band I would have to agree with you tasnam, around 1980 with British Steel, Unleashed In The East (1979) was thier first album to go Platinum (I'm prety sure of it, correct me if I'm wrong), but around 1982/83 the went mainstream due to Screaming For Vengeance.
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