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[jimmyjames] Monday, December 22, 2008 4:42:00 AM 

AC/DC - Anti Christ Devils Children.
KISS - Knights In Satans Service.
W.A.S.P - We Are Sexual Perverts.
Iron Maiden - Devil worshippers.
Judas Priest - Evil Blasphemers.
Motley Crue - Devil Worshippers.
Ozzy Osboune - The devils representative on earth.
What a crack up all that hysteria over metal was back in the 80s. How could anyone have seriously thought these guys were devil worshippers. Imagine Steve Harris drinking goats blood and speaking in tongues, Paul Stanley conducting a satanic ritual, Angus Young sacrificing a virgin, it's beyond belief. Those people must have been utterly deranged. Running around burning records and tapes, scare mongering, creating panic among parents, slandering musicians. Psychotic behaviour really, but hilarious that so many assholes took them seriously. I wonder what those idiots are doing now. Feeling pretty embarrassed i'd say. 

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