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[Screamin' Demon] Sunday, December 21, 2008 4:26:29 AM 

This is one of the greatest heavy metal live performances I have ever heard. The song has so much character and emotion. from the bells and evil voices echoing, to Rob's dragged out growls at end of each verse,  to his desperate cryouts about death riding out from the storm, to the solo, and the closure as he goes back inside through the stage door on his throne. The guitar work too is just excellent, ranging from doomy simple riffs, to extreme shredding and use of wah pedalling, with some flashy moments of Scott's double bass drumming. After mediocre attempts to make the perfct evil doomy metal song with tunes like A Touch Of Evil and Revolution, this third round they came the right way. I'd like to believe this song has earned itself a spot in the definitive Priest setlist, as well as one of their greatest hits. give your thoughts people.

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