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TOPIC: + Introductions [New Members post here]
[SadWingsRaging] Thursday, December 18, 2008 11:12:31 AM 
Bio of a priest fan.Hail! It all started one day in the early 80's. A friend of mine called me up and told me to get my but down to his house ASAP. As I walked up to his house I noticed the unusual amount of cars ligned up on both sides of the street with this pure sonic mana blasting out from the typical house in a typical American neighborhood. I walked into the door & lo N behold I was met at the door by an older friend of ours dressed in leather & spikes, the full regalia from the leather pants to the spiked grieves. There was probably 25 to 30 teens anywhere from 13 to 19 in the house with a marantz 2270 combined with  a turntable sitting on top of a pile of blankets to keep the record from skipping as the 500 Watts were being pushed out through these JBL speakers that weighed about 50Lbs each. The album was Point of Entry on the day it was released in our city & my life has never been the same since then.After a few hours I was going back to my house to get a few more LP's & I opened the door right as the local constabulary was about to knock on the door. I turned around & went & told the oldest member who resided in the house he had someone waiting at the door for him. Fortunatly he had the scents, OOps, sence to say "No, you can not come in the house." All this happened before the small city we lived in dreamed up the 'sonic nusiance' laws and were not so draconian about things that really dont mean that much so there was really nothing they could do. We partied for 2 days before things finaly wound down with our own security force outside. You were allowed to come in but if you left you could not come back. I think it would have lasted longer but we ran out of munchies before my friends father came back from his out of town job. Ever since then I have not-so-patiently waited for the next priest album to come out. They have been Delivering the Goods! I watched them during that trial & saw the charges as bogus beyond belief & knew they would be exonerated. Like most people I was shocked when Halfords proclivities came to light but who am I, or anyone else, to tell someone else how to conduct their life in these matters? I was more shocked when they broke up & felt betrayed by Priest. I had a feeling they would reform some day & HAIL! they have. Keep it up guys! Your music will live forever! Not a bad legacy I believe.P.S. I still own that Marantz I bought from my friend & since I cant drop the price of a good used car on a pair of speakers it sits in my attic waiting for the day I decide to feed it another cheap pair of speakers.                                                                               Mississippi Metal Maniac
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