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TOPIC: Are there any KISS fans here?
[Deep Freeze] Sunday, December 14, 2008 8:43:08 AM 
I was a big KISS fan back in the 70's. I think most kids then were. The problem for me is, it was never about great musicianship with them. It was about the "show". I do not believe ANY of them are GREAT musicians, and that includes Paul. They can play. Paul has a decent voice. But the theatrical show is really what made KISS and that is a big reason they went "back to the make up". Of course, there is always the aspect of money. No doubt about it but I cannot think of even one album by KISS that has what I would consider GREAT musicianship. I believe more than one member of the group has admitted as much. They have said that they are just a rock and roll band. No technical genius involved. "Just straightforward rock and roll". Even that might be a bit ambitious as far as I am concerned. 
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