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TOPIC: Has bigfoot been found?
[_strat_] Saturday, December 13, 2008 12:44:20 PM 
Well, I didnt get much of that. As I said many times before, physics is far from my area of expertise.

What I do think we should look for first are normal, everyday causes as to why people get such experiences. I mean, in any house youre bound to hear noises. Maybe its the plumbing, maybe its the creaking of the wood, maybe there are rats or mice in the attic. It could be many things that sound like footsteps or other human activity. Of course, it can also be just that, human activity that comes from another human who is well and alive, that is just mistaken for paranormal. Again, the power of suggestion plays a huge role in it. Somebody might mistake wind for whispering, shadows for apparitions, etc. The doors could be out of balance, and might open on their own, simply because of gravity.

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