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TOPIC: Nostradamus; The Jewel Of Priest
[guidogodoy] Friday, December 12, 2008 6:46:23 PM 

DAMN you Freeze, you said you'd never tell!!

Now then, if "America" likes music has nothing whatsoever to do with me. Were you to know me, you'd know that I travel quite a bit internationally and simply know what I like. Were you sad when "Mama Afrika" died? I was as were a few here. She was an Icon. Vinicius de Moraes in Brazil. Tom Jobim. Had GREAT influence in the world! USA (not America in the greater sense of the word) has impact on sales but not longevity. New Kids? Sure, pop crap. Did they last? No. Did they have a world tour, I would argue that they did but I am glad to say I have no idea! 

Maiden. I have some 20 bootlegs. They BOMBED here in the US on the ("Matter of Life") tour because they didn't play much to the audience! They pushed their new album that most of us thought was mediocre at best. I could even quote articles where they all but apologized for having played all of their new crap to an audience who wanted some old stuff. Thus, the last tour they named many a time to "make up" for the mistake of the previous tour. Certain members even called us "outdated" for not embracing their new material. Well, so be it. Lump me in that group. Look at their last album. I had to blow dust off of it but the shortest song is the first one: 4:17? First song at that?!? You must be kidding if you think that this isn't an overblown mess of an album. Name me one song and I'll try to listen to it again. I've already stated my reasons for my discarding it as nonsense. TEMPO and lack thereof. They keep the third guitar (honorable, I suppose) but there is almost a battle for guitar leads if ANY even exist in the album.

I'll gladly accept any song that you'd recommend apart from Rainmaker that I already said I liked in ANY of the Maiden albums I mean that. Sadly, I could find none in any album since Fear and even that was a big let down to me (and you as well, obviously). ONE song might have been decent. I forget. To compare anything new to old Maiden is nothing short of blasphemy IMO. So, in the oldest sense of the phrase,  I still say: UP THE (old) IRONS! Just give me some damn METAL!

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