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TOPIC: Rob Halford is a thief
[MatisseGroening] Tuesday, December 02, 2008 5:45:07 AM 


So 'do you believe' was used, and was mine. Nostradamus was used and was an explaination for my ability to speak using Remote Viewing. And on my CD it should have started with 'creation'. That 's the main point here. He just stole it.

The point leading to the Nostradmus double CD was that I  have the old videos and recorded them on DVD now. And I noticed that the songs of Turbo weren't that good in my opinion. It wasn't because of the synth-guitars. So I came to Remote View with Rob Halford and did'nt wanted him to think he was hearing voices (-> Nostradamus). The thank you was to steal everything and to just use me for his purpose.

The CD is constructed, so this means he actually is not talented enough to do it better than Turbo. And the double CD was in this sense not because of challenge and talent, it was because of arrogance!

It was a friendly suggestion and he showed his lousy charakter! And they give respect points here.

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