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TOPIC: DIY Priest compilation
[devils_child] Monday, December 01, 2008 4:09:57 AM 
I had a friend who hadn't listened to Priest since the 80's LOL... ask me to make a CD compiliation for him. I did the set list from the current tour.... 1. Because it is a good mix of songs and; 2. I wanted to rub it in that I got to hear them play all these songs live.

In all seriousness I did one for my brother before I went and purchased a heap of Priest CD's for him. List goes as follows. 
(Not in exact order)

Hellion/Electric Eye
Hell Bent For Leather
Green Manalishi 
Metal Gods
Desert Plains
Between The Hammer And The Anvil
Touch Of Evil
Better By You, Better Than Me 
Devil's Child
Deal With The Devil
Judas Rising

Hot Rockin'
Breaking The Law
The Sentinel

(Keep In mind he was suggesting to me what he wanted on the disc. If i was doing a disc for someone who had never listened to Priest before it would be different. Probably would make 2 discs and include something from every album.)
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