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TOPIC: Victory Against Psychiatric Officiality
[liberative_pipe] Monday, November 17, 2008 10:11:37 AM 

Dear Judas “Priests”!


I am a child of God and I love Judas Priest mostly.
I saw them many years ago on the Operation
Rock'n'Roll Tour, second fiddle to Alice Cooper.

This past week has been an interesting week for me.

I am posting a page of INFORMING on people who

are connected with The ACT Team and Triumph.

The Assertive Community Team and Triumph in

question  are psychiatric enforces of superficialism.

These people are dangerous criminals and should be

thrown out of the West End in our town as we mind

crime religiously and to the fullest extent of our Law.

Thanks for spreading this forward e-mail, warriors!


Vigilance and Justice,

Peace & Love – Pipe!

a.k.a. Kenneth Wood

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