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TOPIC: Best James Bond
[devils_child] Monday, November 17, 2008 6:12:36 AM 
Hey, there's more of him for us.... Thought about it too... he's got a whip, riding crop, chains and handcuffs as acessories. And he has many different disguises... There's Killing machine for those extra dangerous missions, Vengeance.. you know when the bad guys have momentarily suceeded and he goes screaming for vengeance. Turbo Lover.... yeah that ones for the Halford girls... hehehe... Now he's got the Nostradamus thing goin on... The big coat which he can conceal weapons in. Perfect for infiltating dinner parties with. 

Heyyyy.... you know how all the Bond girls have sexually suggestive names.... well we should make up some for ourselves. LOL>..... Am trying to find one of those name generator, if i succeed i will post a link.

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