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TOPIC: Anybody feel the lack of new songs on tour?
[devils_child] Thursday, November 13, 2008 4:53:11 PM 
Ok no offence buddy, but for us especially being Aussies we only just had Judas Priest play here for the first time ever. So even if they were playing more Nostra in the U.S and Europe I would expet them to play more from their previous albums in our set list... which they did. Because most of us here have never experienced these songs live - especially for the older generation of fans who have been waiting for an eternity too see them. 
When they come back with the full set of Nostra then i will be ready to absorb it all. But I tell ya if Nostra was my first JP experience i would feel a bit of a let down. I wanted to hear HBFL, YGATC, Devils Child, Electric Eye.... etc. Putting 2 in from the new album in was in a way a little bit of a sneak preview as to what will be instore for us when we see the album performed in its entirety. 
Myself i love Future Of Mankind and would love to hear that one live, God willing they bring the set down here to OZ I will be granted that. 
Bottom line being, i would not have changed anything on the set list from this tour and i am extremely greatful that they took the time to come down and play 5 shows in OZ. Cos it was about bloody time!!

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