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TOPIC: Spur of the moment...
[Deep Freeze] Saturday, November 08, 2008 8:45:09 AM 
HA!!!!!!!!!!! My dear, it is SO simple!! I got it from Paula Dean (southern lady on Food Network) It is EASY!! Here it is;

You take one box of your favorite brownie mix and blend it up.  You grease your pan and then pour HALF of the mix in and spread it evenly. Next, take three or four of your favorite candy bars (we use Ghiradelli with peanutbutter inside) and line them up across the pan.Be sure you use those big bars! the 3X5 ones, you know?  Next, pour the remaining batter over them and spread evenly. You should now have brownie mix with candy bars in the middle. You then bake as usual. The candy will melt inside the brownies and the result is INCREDIBLY decadent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  You must let them cool completely, then you cut them.  

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