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TOPIC: Missing JP Webmaster
[DemonCat] Saturday, November 08, 2008 1:41:20 AM 
I don't see the sadness in his death. Only selfishness of those that will miss his time here on Earth. As he said...he is going to a better be with our Lord, and Savior!!!! A win-win situation indeed!!! That is a reason for joy, and leaves an opportunity, for all of us left here on Earth to embrace his lifes accomplishments...not sorrow. Let us bow our heads in celebration of this life that has passed beyond our Earthly knowing, and truelly remember his legacy for what it truelly means to any who knew him....and for those like me who didn't...let us truelly pray that he did indeed know Jesus Christ in his heart, and loved him, and God his father, enough to be given the eternal life that that encompasses! Amen!
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