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[mmmmmm] Sunday, November 02, 2008 8:34:59 AM 
Well -I did it again--was talking with my cna's & supervisor last night at work trying to pass the 9 long hours we had to be there--the coversation turned to tv shows & we were talking about The Monkees & who we liked the best back when it was on--I had to start an IV med so when I got back to the desk I innocently blurted out "I liked Peter the best "--all 3 girls just looked at me  funny & started laughing at me --I asked what was wrong & they continued hee-hawing at me --finally 1 of them managed to tell me that while I was doing my job  they had changed the subject from The Monkees to what their favorite food was so when I came back to the desk & blurted out "I liked Peter the best "  it hit them as being funny--I was only gone for 1 minute tops & had thought they were still on tv shows --needless to say I am now a laughing stock at work as it got around the whole building  & I got many phone calls from my co-workers laughing & hanging the phone up on me --so from now on when I have to step away from the desk I 'll ask them if they've changed the subject in my absence--either that or will have to quit my job as I am too embarrassed to work with them --thank God I have a funny bone & am able to laugh at myself but I have a feeling that I'll NEVER live this down with my co-workers
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