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[mmmmmm] Saturday, November 01, 2008 6:53:56 AM 
dumb blonde at it again !!--I work in a nursing & rehab center--have been a nurse for 24 years & have gone to work in blizzards ,broken limbs, & colds--so when I developed my usual "change of season " cold I thought "no big deal "--they provide masks for us to wear to protect the residents --but when I went to work Thurs night there was a memo saying that any employee who had cold symptoms HAD to be seen by a doctor before returning to work so I was able to get a dr's appointment for last night--well the doc examined me ( brand new graduate male doc )--I gave him my life history of how I get 4 colds a year etc & he suggests a tonsilectomy--I was to think about it --said it may help me & I need them out he said --so he went to the desk to fill out my paperwork so I could go to work last night & I overheard him tell the receptionist to make an appointment with a specialist for my T & A --well my wittle brain heard that &   I stormed out of the room & yelled at him "There's nothing wrong with my tits & ass --I came to you because of a cold !!" His face turned red & he said "maam I scheduled you for a tonsilectomy & adenoids dr --not that "--well was I  ever RED--I know what T & A stand for in the nursing world but I immediately put both feet in my mouth this time -needless to say I shall have to find another doc as I can no longer face all the people that work there !!
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