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TOPIC: Turbo
[Deep Freeze] Saturday, October 25, 2008 8:45:41 AM 
I think you have "hit the nail on the head", as it were. Judas Priest remain relevant after almost 40 years of making music in a genre that has been declared countless times AND does not enjoy nearly the following it did during its "heyday".

Music today is very limited. There are many very talented musicians but there are far more "entertainers". Unfortunately, most of the latter try to portray themselves as "musicians" or "writers", all very disingenuously I might add. I hate to pound on one guy but, take Kid Rock as an example. He claims, quite boisterously, to be a "song writer". Somehow, he believes that if he records or plays someone else's written music, changes a stanza and then  "writes" a few lyrics, he is a "musician". This seems to be the way many of the more popular entertainers think. The art of actual song writing is lost. Not by all, mind you! there are still many very talented writers!

Bands like Priest are who they are because they are truly talented. I am not saying that it takes NO talent to copy someone else's work and make millions selling it as your own. Far from it. I think it is incredibly bright of a guy with VERY limited talent to take advantage of a buying public that simply has NO clue.
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