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TOPIC: Turbo
[Deep Freeze] Saturday, October 25, 2008 8:00:46 AM 
Well said, 'Child. You're right, In fact, I rarely listen to it either. As for British Steel, I think it had as much or even MORE impact than Painkiller. British Steel made the Band as far as metal goes. It took them to the next level and I will explain this;

In 1979, I went to see Priest before BS. Unleashed was starting to create a tremendous amount of interest in the Band. I went to a place in So Cal called the Long Beach arena. The thing is, when we got in and sat down, I realized that they had partitioned off half the venue. Also, the seats that remained were NOT filled. They could not even fill HALF of an arena.  When they released British Steel, they began packing places. From there, it grew.

If I were to pick one album that has meant the most to the Band, it would be British Steel. That album did more for them than any other.
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