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TOPIC: Why does he smoke?
[SueVicious] Monday, October 20, 2008 1:20:52 PM 
I is the hardest thing to quit smoking.  Been trying to forever myself.  It's especially hard when you have a job like mine & work w/ the public eight hours a day. 
Non-smokers always say "Why don't you just QUIT?"  But they don't realize how powerful a drug Nicotine powerful & addictive as heroin.  And the withdrawals of quitting smoking are just AWEFUL.  Not just a "nick fit" here & there, but so bad to where you just want to freakin' CRY or break $hit.  You get these really bad, frustrating pulling pains in the pit of your stomach.  That is one vice I REALLY need to kick & have the hardest time doing.  Good luck to anyone who can.  That is one habit I wish I would have NEVER picked up.
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