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TOPIC: Locked In video
[devils_child] Monday, October 20, 2008 7:45:22 AM 
Now that gives a new meaning to the word "Ken doll"... tehehe He comes in all forms - 
Rocka Rolla Ken, With free hat!, and flared jeans.
Hell Bent for Leather Ken - with detachable mostache, and leather studded collar.
Vengeance Ken - with leather vest and pants, fully bendable limbs so he can perform trademark backbend. 
Turbo Ken- With optional aviator sunglasses and perm. 
Painkiller Ken -   Fully studded, authentic leather outfit.
Nostradamus Ken - One position only - Beckbending this Ken doll will result in breakage. - We give no refunds for this.

NOTE: Glenn sold separately. 

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