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TOPIC: Brisbane Pics
[devils_child] Thursday, October 16, 2008 7:42:25 AM 
I got a few stage shots with Ian and Glenn, most are blurry but, i was being pushed, and dry humped from behind the whole time so it was hard to get shots. And sad to say it was on my phone so not good quality. I got 2 of Glenn in Sydney when he went over to right stage. U can tell its him but the spotlight on him makes him look like a ghost. Thats why im loving ur pics, they came out great. I was more worried about getting their attention than taking shots. . its also hard to get ur camera out of pocket when ur boobs are being crushed against the barrier. Dunno about where u were standing but i got hammered by heaps of young guys twice my height, kinda scary, totally worth every second though. I'd do it again in a heartbeat.  I got good video footage of Rob though, when he did the yeah yeah yeah thing and singing Devils Child, he came right infront of my camera a few times. That was the best way to get him, cos like u said he kept wandering around. U get any shots during HBFL?? I wanna see if u did.
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