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TOPIC: Any Chess players out there?
[ron h] Tuesday, October 14, 2008 8:41:20 PM 

Well John, she really stuck it to me.  But that's OK, we don't learn getting it right all the time do we??  I put up a fight, all the way to the end on both counts, but dude, you've never seen a fishnet wearing Queen coming at you after 'bout 6-7 shots of Jack!!  I was doomed from the start!!  I did learn a few things in defeat however, and as we throw on our armor and sharpen our blades, there are 2 new battles brewing.  There will be arms and legs and all sorts of appendages strewn about, blood spattered every where!!   The battle to end all battles!!  Thank you for your kind words of support, I need all that I can get as she has Lana duped convinced that she is the true Chessgod(dess).  We'll just see about that...

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