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TOPIC: Spur of the moment...
[Sol R Angel] Sunday, October 12, 2008 7:56:23 PM 
30 years now,...sleeping
                                  so sound sound sound sound
War raises its head,..
                and look slowly , around and around and anround,...
 the Sinner is near, 
 yea thats the one. its been almost 30 years now that the Ripp of Keneths V change my world, i really enjoy early priest, or should i say vintage
 i sill have myfirst priest albums with the release date on the price tag  the day i bought rhem all from british steel to the the one that i feel  stood above all the thrash and speed metal was 
 he is the painkiller
this is the painkiller 
          wings of steel painkiller 
                                                  dead lee wheels painkiller
  everyone loved priet but only afew of us where really into them ,.. the lyrics with the melody and the classical breaks of glens strat or SG,
and the roaring ripps and tremloa of downing 
i still cant find a .oo8 e string, 
and im still looking for the vintage year a priest song bookwith tabs and lyriscs
i still play my cassettes in my ole ride
43 years old and i pull upto the stop light  with delivering the goods cranked to  10, "\quote as active as 100 solid proof
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