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TOPIC: Philosophy of Judas Priest's Lyrics
[originofstorms] Sunday, October 12, 2008 7:39:51 AM 
This is what I think about a couple of different Priest songs as to the interpretations.

Raw Deal- This song is about gay rights. "The true free expression I demand is human rights- right!"  Also the story seems to be about a gay man being beat up in a bar for being gay.

Exciter- This seems to be sort of like a "salvation through sin" kindof thing.  Exciter is the savior, and he is coming to deliver us to evil.

Stained Class- A song about the corruption of power, plainly, and some of the most beautiful lyrics ever by The Priest.

Jugulator- In my humble theory, Jugulator is the monstrous beast that The Painkiller was saving people from.

Demonizer- A fight between the Hellion and the Painkiller.

Also, it seems that the image of a savior is used alot, and I think the characters are continuous.  Starbreaker is Exciter is the Sentinel is the Painkiller, just at different stages of their herodom.  They are all the "Angel of Retribution," the fallen being on the "Sad Wings" cover.  Judas Priest's albums have been telling the story of this savior since 1976.  This, to me, is one of the main symbolic and continuous elements of Judas Priest's music.  The image of a savior that you get from these songs.  And they are the Priest that preaches salvation to the heavy metal masses.  This is just my take on things.
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