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TOPIC: General Judas Priest Discussion for New Users
[mmmmmm] Sunday, October 12, 2008 5:57:17 AM 

Wanted to jot down this note to all my Judas Priest fans -- & to prove that JP is like no other band
Took my 5 nieces to the Haunted Hayrides of Pa--3 of them -& they played hard rock/heavy metal music while we waiting to board the wagon--hayrides 10-15 minutes tops --standing in line to get on hayride 1-2 hours
So needless to say  I heard alot of music--none of the bands got any recognition--Metallica --Alice Cooper--Ozzy--Disturbed---A Perfect Circle--nothing
But when they played Judas Priest--You've Got Another Thing Comin'--I heard a few voices around me yell "Priest Priest "-made my heart feel good as my feet were killin' me from doing all that standing !!

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