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TOPIC: Brisbane Pics
[devils_child] Sunday, October 12, 2008 4:24:44 AM 
Sunflower is from Brisbane?~ Hell yeah babe .... i was at the Brissie show, just to the right of Rob... i was taking pics all night and screaming / headbanging.... screw the security guards. No way can you control a metal gig. great night i say. I was getting evil looks from the security at my side... tehehe .,,,, but i tells ya they were not going to move me one inch..... all my life had led up till that concert, 
Ok despite all the security i managed to smuggle in my metal handcuffs.... My brother threw them on stage during hell bent for leather when the security were handling a crowd surfer.... HA they couldn't stop us!! 
P.S i'm loving the pics you have posted! Keep it up.
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