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TOPIC: Jumping Jack Priest
[Justin Kenny] Friday, October 10, 2008 5:17:34 AM 
Pssh...on the whole..Judas Priest exude more energy and animation onstage than most bands HALF their age.    Even for whatever subtle differences we can point out between 20 years ago to now,  the bottom line remains...once those 5 gents take the stage,  the roar of the crowd is heard....fists and devil-horns raise into the air as one, and the experience that IS Judas Priest is totally underway.

Rob can completely command any stage standing still....he exhibits more presence and charisma standing in ONE spot  just as  Mick Jagger can running all over the goddamn place.     THAT'S power my friends.      Way I see it, the only thing that would inhibit Priest's stage movement would be for them to have casts on their legs and be in wheelchairs.....and I think even THEN, you'd see Glenn and KK swaying together in tandem...(I'm just glad this isn't the case!!!    )

It's fair to say that most of us know what to expect once Priest hit the stage....the fact they still meet and exceed those expectations says VOLUMES on Priest's behalf.
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