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TOPIC: What country are you from?
[WhiskeyWoman] Monday, October 06, 2008 12:45:36 PM 
Oh crap...
I knew there'd be fall-out from that joke ... lol!

I used to live there, so it's an informed opinion.  And, we're not exactly "barren wheat-filled wastelands" either (very good, btw - lol!), we have barren OIL-filled wastelands too!  Yeah, it's crappy to have fields full of money and food... 

But, ever been to the Rockies?  We have mountains over there to the west somewhere...  Champagne snow to ski in...

Regardless, I believe the licence plates read "Beautiful BC" ...  *not* the most beautiful place in the world.  (lol)  Saying that is pushing it just a wee bit, my friend...    

I would have to say my home of New Zealand is one of those beautiful places in the world, and it has BC beat in spades.  Besides, BC will only be half as beautiful when it all falls into the ocean during the next earthquake that everyone denies is ever going to happen over there in "La-la Land..."

All in good fun.  Provincial rivalry is nothing new...
No offence intended.

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