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TOPIC: Tipton Solos vs Downing Solos
[Mysterio] Wednesday, October 01, 2008 4:25:28 PM 

I am a new fan to Priest.  How do you all distinguish between Tipton and Downing when it comes to thier solos.

To me Downing has more squeling in his solos.  In other words he sounds like Hendrix/VanHalen. 

Tipton to me sounds more blusey.  Its like he leans more towards Jimmy Page and Ritchie Blackmore.

Am I right in that assesment?  I also think that Tipton comes across to me as more of the lead soloist.  Even though Downing can play leads as well.  In my mind its almost like Downing is a Riffer first.  Soloist second.  Tipton is a Soloist first, a Riffer second.  At the show in Winnipeg, Downing seemed more on fire, while Tipton seemed more subdued in a good way, more cool in his guitar aprooch

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