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TOPIC: Love Bites - subliminal messages?
[jptunis] Monday, September 29, 2008 4:42:26 PM 

I have always noticed certain "noises" and "words" in the background of Love Bites.

As the band comes out of their breakdown and solo and start with the next set of lyrics, you hear what sounds to me like The Metallion making noise in the background followed by a guys speaking in tongues or something. This occurs in the background during the following lyrics:

I knew at first sight
You'd join my attack
That with my first bite
There'd be no turning back

So come in my arms
I strike any hour
I will return
To trap and devour

The "Metallion" noises could just very well be noises to add affect or they could possibly be something else.  The guy speaking is clearly something being spoken in another language.  Does anyone have any clue on either??

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