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TOPIC: Are you being bullied?
[.] Sunday, September 28, 2008 11:21:54 AM 

I think there are a few "split personalities" whose idea of fun is to harass other people by using several different nicks and engage the remaining members of the board in negativity. If the webmaster can do anything about it, great. But if he can't it's a bit of a drag to have to deal with it. Can't have a spur of the moment rant without being taunted by the same jackass with a different nick you've replied to in an different thread about something completely different. 
What other nicks does "metalgod" go by is what I'm asking.

With so much having happened with Judas Priest touring the world, why can't I read more about Judas Priest, instead? Anybody who isn't a member reads through this shit and thinks it's not worth joining here to have a good time. 

My two cents.

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